6Rolex sky star watches are made of diamonds, the price is certainly more expensive. Below recommend to you a few Rolex all sky star watch, let everyone know the price of the stars in the sky.

Rolex Sky Star Watch recommendation one, Rolex Datejust 81339-ZER-72849 blue diamonds lady automatic machine watch

This style of the Rolex sky star watch price is about 400,000 yuan. rolex daytona replica watches has always been a luxurious route of the Rolex watch. What’s more, this also followed a previous luxury style. But watch case inlaid many diamonds, Gypsophila dial design, emitting a low-key luxury, appear elegant quiet, dial inlaid with blue retro Roman numerals, precipitation unique elegant charm. In 1945, it was published collection edition Rolex 18k gold watch oyster perpetual diary type is first with calendar reveal the function of the watch. The real elements of Switzerland, calendar up down (Original Swiss Rolex proprietary) special window convex lens, calendar revealed know. Semi automatic chain, water depth of one hundred meters / three hundred and thirty feet.

Rolex Sky Star Watch recommendation two, Rolex Daytona men’s automatic watch 116599-4RU-L (FC)

The Rolex star watch price is about 800,000 yuan, the ruby ornament is simply the icing on the cake. This series of the four watches are made by 18K gold or platinum, mother of pearl, diamond, 904L stainless steel joint crafted. Four styles of the dial design are used in the small watch of twenty-six mm. Four stars watch, number 179383 of the gold and Steel Gold totaling two. One uses a simple oyster three strap, with oyster buckle, five mm chain can be adjusted. Another section of a mix of Rolex Memorial type five lines of strap design, dial the gold and gray Rolex Memorial dark pattern design, on both sides of two behaviors of steel material, intermediate behavior gold material, plus crown buckle.

Even if it is expensive, replica watches quality is also due to the luxurious appearance and stability of the performance is still popular among the watch fans.